“The Missouri Federation is committed to women helping women through education, legislation and building self-sufficiency.”

The Business Women of Missouri Foundation, Inc. has been founded as a nonprofit organization.

A. The aim of the Foundation is to promote full participation, equity and economic self-sufficiency for working people through research, education and information.
B. The Foundation expects to work alone or with other persons, organizations, or institutions to further such educational goals.
ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Some general guidelines for applicants include:
1. Be a citizen of the United States, and be a resident of the State of Missouri.
2. Show evidence of acceptance into an accredited program or course of study.
3. Demonstrate need for financial assistance to upgrade skills and/or to complete education for career advancement.
4. Present a plan which identifies goals and objectives.
C. The Foundation strives to prepare people for the competitive and technological demands that face our nation’s workers into the next century.

The scholarships are awarded in April at the annual Business Women of Missouri State Conference. Winners will receive a letter and be listed on the website.
The completed application must be postmarked or electronically received by February 1

You may submit your application using one of the following methods:
1. Go to: www.businesswomenmo.org/apply-online/ and complete the application online and submit following instructions on the form. Create a new email to:  angelgirlinblue86@hotmail.com.

Enter “SCHOLARSHIP APP” in subject line and attach your letters of recommendation and transcripts.
2. Go to: www.businesswomenmo.org and download the ScholarshipApp.docx (a Word document). Complete the application and save the file as “YourNameScholarshipApp.doc and create an email to:  angelgirlinblue86@hotmail.com.  Enter “SCHOLARSHIP APP” in subject line. Attach your completed application and all letters of recommendation and transcripts.
3. Go to: www.businesswomenmo.org. Download the ScholarshipApp.doc (a Word document).
Complete the application, print your application, include all letters of recommendation and transcripts and mail to the PO Box listed in the page heading above. The package must be postmarked by February 1.


To request further information please contact: Cathy Covington, Scholarship Committee Chair at:  angelgirlinblue86@hotmail.com.

Business Women of Missouri Foundation, Inc
PO Box 28243, Kansas City, MO 64188 (A Non-Profit Organization)

2015/2016 Scholarship Recipients ; 11 Scholarships were awarded

Jill Ainsworth            Hazel Palmer                        Stacy Savage    Phyllis Sander        Tammie Thorton    General

Desirea Burgert         Sue Panetti-Lee                    Kaitlin Willing     General                 Megan Ley     General

Christina Houston     Hazel Kohring                     Micah Weirich     General              Jordan Thorpe     General

Shelby Politte             Elizabeth Haupin                Rachel Kuttenkuler    General       Megan Farmer     Alternate