The image slider on homepage is moving too fast.

If the slider is moving too fast for you to read all of its contents, you can move your mouse over any slide and it will stop it from moving. Once you remove your mouse from the slider, it will begin moving again.

Download past BWM Magazines

Hover over the green “News/Announcements” link, then select “BWM Magazine Archive”. Once on that page, you can select any of the past BWM Magazines to view and/or download in pdf format.

Easily find your Local BWM Club

Finding your local club is has never been easier. Click on the “BWM Clubs” link. Once on the map, you can click on the individual logos to get contact information.

* You can zoom in and out on the map with the navigation to the left.

* You can also hold down on the left mouse button and drag the map if some locations are out of sight.