Dare to Inspire and Be Inspired

From the beginning of life, we face many challenges.

At first we are dependent on help.

Gradually, we gain independence.

We learn to talk, walk and to cope with dangers.

As we grow older and face new unknowns, we start to dream.

We set goals and aspire to achieve greatness.

How will we achieve these goals?

We pay attention to the lifestyle of successful people.

We are inspired by their positive spirit .

Their happiness and self assurance motivates us.

Their actions are dependent on positive energy; no time for the negative.

Successful people have no time for self centered egotistical intentions.

They are driven by a Divine Power and a daily focus on WE, not ME.

Self-confident individuals display a calming serenity, no anxiety;

Their positive spirit allows them to control their lives.

There is no mention of personal glory; no attention to what “I have done.“

Their aim is to work as a team focused on a designated goal.

Concentrated efforts result in achievement of the goal; the team wins!

Dare to be a dreamer who is INSPIRED by success AND

Our achievements will be measured by our belief in the concept:

“Dare to Inspire and Be Inspired”


*Written by Past State President Betty J. Beason

To honor Sherry Rolen,
2014-15 President of Business Women of Missouri