State Foundation Goals include:
Strive to prepare people for the competitive and technological demands that face our nation’s workforce; and establish, maintain and distribute scholarship funds.

  • $50 – $99
  • $100 – $199
  • GOLD
  • $200 – $499
  • $500 – $999
  • $1000 – UP


I had the pleasure of joining the Northwest Missouri State University chapter of BMW my sophomore year and was fortunate to receive the BWM Foundation scholarship my junior year. The aid this scholarship provided allowed me to embark on a life-changing journey across the Atlantic where I studied abroad in Italy and traveled the Italian countryside. My mind was opened and my life was enriched. The trip was pivotal in the fact I was now curious and hungry for more culture and global knowledge – and the fact I was able to overcome fears and self doubt. I returned from the trip with a feeling of accomplishment and different outlook of the world. The trip and BWM as an organization have instilled in me a sense of self worth and confidence – which I’ve found to be very – if not the most – important qualities a woman can possess. Thank you, BWM, for giving me the opportunity to expand my world and become a confident, driven woman who seeks out challenges and celebrates successes.


I was fortunate enough to receive the Business and Professional Women’s scholarship for four consecutive years. I felt honored and blessed to receive this award each and every time it was given to me. Throughout college I had to take out student loans in order to continue my education. The realization of the enormity of my loans hit me my senior year of college. I am so grateful that even though I do have student loans, they are $4ooo less than what they could be thanks to BWM. I graduated summa cum laude, have passed my boards, and am a Registered Nurse working on the orthopedic floor at St. John’s Hospital, Springfield, MO. Thank you BWM for helping me become a professional in my chosen career.