Four top tips on leading your team

1. Set ground rules and foundations

Get the team together to set ground rules and foundations. These should include: how everyone’s role interrelates; who has decision-making authority and to what level; the current priorities of the team; when and how you’ll communicate with them. Each person has a different style of leadership and what works for one leader will not work for the other, so be clear and communicate your approach from the outset.

2.  Measure the skills gap in your team

You may find it useful to do a skills analysis on your team to identify any gaps. By identifying these, you can develop team members to endure they have all the skills required to carry out the job and alleviate any weaknesses that could buckle under the pressure of increased workload.

3. Monitor performance

When you have identified the skills gap and where your team needs stretching and developing, it is important to set them goals and monitor changes in their performance. This will allow you to spot trouble zones early and, if dealt with correctly, keep your team on the path to excellent performance.

4. Learn to Delegate

Delegation is the only path to growth: growth of the business through more people carrying out more task; growth of you as a leader by removing yourself from the doing activities, allowing you to focus on creating the strategy and vision; and growth of your reports by stretching their comfort zones and abilities.

Delegation is a key skill in leadership and, if handled well, can send you and your team soaring. Handled badly, however, it can leave both parties sore.