How to Inspire Others to Create a Positive and Productive Atmosphere

Edited by Corporate Coach Group, Aya Shelley, BR, Cellogirl and 2 others

Amplify your true self. Being yourself around others is the actually harder than it sounds in today’s incredibly influential landscape. From a young age the media and other influential figures in your life will have attempted to mold you into the same image as everyone else; so standing out and having the strength and courage to be honest with yourself will prove an inspiration to those around you. Showing others that you are not only comfortable with yourself but confident about whom you are is the sign of a great role model.

Care about what you do. Being passionate about your work can provide an example for others to follow. People won’t be able to believe in you until you fully believe in yourself. Employees, co-workers and peers are much more likely to go along with what you tell them to do if you’re actually genuinely invested in it. The more passionate you are about your work then the more likely people are to be inspired by your actions.

Get others involved in your actions. Ensuring people know that you care about them is a great way to inspire them. They’ll be much happier to invest their trust and time in you if you show genuine interest in what they do and how they feel. Just taking a small part of your day out to talk and listen to other people can help maintain a positive atmosphere.

Communicate positively with the people in your life. Avoid using negative and insulting language around people; remember that you’re conversing with someone, not talking at them. Even when you’re disciplining individuals, learn to use constructive criticism instead of putting people down negatively. Listen to what people have to say and compliment them when good work is done. It’s easy to criticize negative actions but things go right every day and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Determine a plan to achieve. Identify what factors people are failing at and try to remedy the situations positively. lf they are looking to coast through without any kind of direction, help them formulate a plan. Things will go wrong and people will fail at times, but constructing a plan of action will at least help you and everyone else to prepare for any challenges that may arise.

Recognize your weaknesses. Whilst identifying and acting upon your strongest points are great ways to get people stimulated, it’s also important to remind everyone that you also have your own set of weaknesses. Showing people how you overcome and deal with these weaknesses is a great way to connect with them professionally and emotionally. People will find it easier to relate to your vulnerability, as this will help them understand that everyone must overcome their own challenges.