Leadership Conference 2017 Scheduled For August 4-5th In St. Clair

It is time to start making plans to participate in the August Leadership Conference. Friday, August 4, Sheila will preside at the board meeting. Board members are expected to attend, but other members are welcome. Saturday will be a busy day with three speakers on the agenda. Micah Weirich of Three Rivers is organizing the event and has provided information about the speakers. Register today!

Meet The Speakers

Lisa York will lead a crash course in self-defense. She has a diverse, comprehensive background that provides a solid foundation for all that she does. She has over 11 years combined experience in coaching, teaching, and training people in self-defense, basic gun training, conceal carry training, and protection in/out of home.

Lisa is the founder of Midwest Personal Protection. She is a high energy, entertaining seminar presenter and self defense instructor. Her offerings include a variety of assertiveness, conflict resolution and self-defense training for females ages 11 years old and up in the form of group seminars, private trainings, workshops, ladies night-ins, home parties, college safety presentations and more in the St. Charles, St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Lisa is passionate about teaching and training personal protection, mostly because it is very personal to her. Lisa was abused at a young age, and as an adult continued to engage in unhealthy relationships. In 2012, Lisa was raped by an authority figure, she knew. She took that experience and vowed that she would teach as many females she could how to protect themselves and to believe in themselves.

Sila Karacal serves as the Assistant Prosecutor in Franklin County and handles domestic violence cases. We are honored to have her as a speaker this year for Leadership Conference. She was honored as Woman of the Year by the Three Rivers club this past year.

Amy Eagan is a business, career, leadership, team building, and culture coach. She will be celebrating her 11th Anniversary with The Quality Coach in December. The Quality Coach! is a full service business-educational, coaching and consulting group dedicated to helping others improve quality, customer retention, productivity and profits by leveraging the people side of their business.

Amy recently started her own business, Why Not Choose? The idea that this life is a GIFT is a belief she holds dear. Every moment is an opportunity to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE and to help others do the same. She believes that we can have great work AND personal lives, each feeding the other. For the past 10 years, she has helped clients using a Coach Approach and Assessments for self-awareness and effectiveness with others. This is her passion and vocation!

See you in August!

Micah Weirich, Leadership Conference chair concludes, “It has been my goal to find interactive, intriguing, and motivated speakers. I hope to keep the conference light, fun, and upbeat as well as informative. I’m positive that everyone will take useful information away from this conference! I hope to see many of you at Budget Lodging in St. Clair in August!”

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