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Become a partner to the Business Women of Missouri website and expand your visibility to our membership  of women across the state of Missouri and beyond.

Member businesses are invited to hot link your business website* to the BWM website to potentially increase  traffic and search optimization for both the state organization and your business. And, if you have a business,  but do not yet have a website, you may still purchase an ad and the link will prompt an email message to be  sent to you and your business. (*or to your email address)

Non members may purchase advertising links at a slightly higher rate and are subject to acceptance by the  BWM State Executive Committee. Contact the state office for more information.

Links, (also referred to as advertising) will be sold for web display for 3-month increments with a reduced  rate for larger sizes and for annual displays. Advertising Costs, sizes and deadlines are outlined in the table  below. Payment must be received in advance.

The Business Women of Missouri reserve the right to refuse advertising that does not align with the mission and objectives of the organization.

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